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Business leaders throughout the world are realising more and more that good management means making the best use of available resources making it mandatory for them to eliminate waste. One of the major waste-causing agents is accidents resulting in damage to equipment, property and in worker death and disablement.

Workplace accidents are conservatively estimated to cause a loss of at least 8 billion pounds sterling in the U.K per year. We are therefore obliged by law to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act. 1974; consequently, health and safety procedures are put in place to prevent workplace death, injury or ill health to staff and those around them.

Whilst it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure a safe working environment, you as an individual have a duty of care to ensure your health, safety and welfare as well as for those around your work environment. All workers have a right to work in safe environments where they are not exposed to avoidable risks to their health and safety.

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations is the framework for explaining what is required by both employers and employees in implementing the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

Effective management of health and safety is vital to ensure the following:

  • Employee welfare
  • Businesses image enhancement
  • Profit improvement through safe working at first attempt


At the end of the four e-learning modules, participants will:

  • Understand the responsibilities of the employer and employee in ensuring workplace safety
  • Understand the essence of compliance with safety regulations and workplace policy on health and safety
  • Be aware of COSHH and RIDDOR regulations for corporate and individual benefits
  • Have improved skills for hazard identification and risk assessment
  • Have improved knowledge of patient safe handling
  • Understand what to do when working alone


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  • Delaiah Tumaka


    Educative, It will be great to get a certificate on this.
  • Bilkis Bukola Adeleye

    Application to practice

    Great content and very practical.
  • Ebenezer Ogunleye


    I think it will be more valuable if there is a certification for the course
  • Adenike Adegbolagun

    Adegbolagun adenike

    I just completed this course, well detailed and straight forward. We need certificate for this course.

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