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ThummimNG Survey

Do you want to conduct a targeted survey in the healthcare space in Nigeria? Or do some market research? Then ThummimNG Surveys is your best bet. With over 10,000 healthcare professionals as subscribers and over 53 medical specialties. We can help you make better decisions and gain the required data you need. Reach out to us today.

New: Webinar on Proposal Writing

The Association of Resident Doctors (ARD) has partnered with ThummimNG to bring you a stellar lecture series on Proposal Writing to be held via Zoom.

Date: 24th July 2021

Time: 3 PM WAT

Proposal Writing


MyHospitalCloud — A Hospital Management Solution by Choice Clouds

Including a wide range of features such as Telemedicine, Health Insurance Management, Data Import/Export, Diagnosis, Medical Record, Tracking, and so much more.

New: Introduction to Social Media for Healthcare Professionals and Students

The social media space as it pertains to health can be a slippery slope. Enrol in this course to learn how to practically navigate this innovative space.  

NGN 3500

Intro to Social Media

New: Introduction to Human Resource (HR) Management for Healthcare Organizations

Dive into this robust introduction to HRM for healthcare organizations by one of our seasoned instructors — Elizabeth Nyah.

NGN 7500

Introduction to Human Resource (HR) Management for Healthcare Organizations

New: Meta Analysis in Research

Don't miss out on this in-depth exploration of meta analysis in research.

NGN 8500

Meta Analysis in Research

New: Biostatistics in Research

Get started in biostatistics in research, methodologies and concepts as explained by our industry-leading instructor, Oyindamola Yusuf.

NGN 7500

Research & Research Methodologies

Data Analytics using SPSS

I first heard of SPSS sometime in 2004, and I was sure it was love at first sight. However, I did not know how to approach her - she was very admirable but complex!!!

Many years passed until ThummimNG helped my dream come true through Dr. STM.

First, she made available the 'almighty' SPSS software; then, she simplified the complexity of the SPSS environment.

Now, over the past few weeks, my relationship with SPSS has become so strong.

In fact, our correlation coefficient is +1 !!!


Dr. Alban, Senior Registrar Department of Pathology Lagos University Teaching Hospital


NGN 10,000 or 20 USD

Basic First Aid

At any moment, you or someone around you could experience an injury or illness. Using basic first aid, you may be able to stop a minor mishap from getting worse.

NGN 5000

Sponsored Courses

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ACPN: Microsoft PowerPoint & Excel, Data Analytics For Pharmacists


ARD Microsoft PowerPoint & Excel; Data Analytics For Doctors



Infection Control

— Rev. Dr. Daniel

In-depth training on understanding and control of infectious diseases for Nurses & Midwives


Pathways to Medical Practice in the UK

— DiffDov

Join our instructors in the most insightful and engaging discussion on how to get started with practicing medicine in the UK.

Exclusive: Basic & Advanced Airway Management & Emergency Oxygen Administration

Enjoy exclusive offer for 3-in-1 course on airway management and emergency oxygen administration by our partners — NJO

NGN 10,500

NEW: IELTS Training

Get started with IELTS training on Thummim NG

NGN 15000

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