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About our instructors

I got in contact with ThummimNg through a colleague of mine. I must admit that I fell in love with the package that ThummimNg offers. It has been a great experience being an instructor with ThummimNg. The online educational platform has challenged me to take on new tasks to adapt to the new-normal. It is always thrilling to share knowledge with the enrollees, as this snowballs into best practices in their respective practice sites.

Niyi Aje Pharmacist

Being on the Thumming platform is
one of the best things that has happened to me. Through the platform, I can share my knowledge with my colleagues and others on a large scale. The tutor support is top notch. They just don’t onboard you; they walk with you every step of the way to make creating your courses very smooth. I encourage healthcare workers to come onboard. There is a place for everyone.

Ronald Ikpe Doctor



    For our students

    Registration is available on our website. Just follow these simple steps: Click the “Register” button in the top right corner of your screen.

    Visit the course catalog to browse our offerings. In addition to searching by course duration and availability, you can also search by subject to ensure you find a course that reflects your interests. 

    If you are new to online learning, we recommend that you begin with one course.

    We apologize for this inconvenience. We encourage you to reach out to your financial institution as further permissions may be needed to complete the payment. You are also welcome to write to for further guidance. Please wait a full 24 hours before trying again. A strong Internet connection and up-to-date browser are strongly recommended.

    After enrolling for your course, it can be accessed by clicking on the “My Profile” tab in the top right-hand corner of and selecting “Enrolled”.

    Yes, you will be required to complete a self-assessment quiz that includes both single and multiple-choice questions. 

    Yes, all Thummim courses comes with a certificate at the end of it.

    Yes you can, we are accredited by the MEDICAL AND DENTAL COUNCIL OF NIGERIA(MDCN) to give Doctors CME points


    For our tutors & instructors

    The instructor primarily structures the courses according to the course’s goal. Nevertheless, ThummimNg plays a supporting role when called for.

    While there are no exact stipulated quality, we recommend a video quality of 1080p which is equivalent to Full HD quality or in other terms 1920 x 1080.

    While this is not strict, it is best to keep your lesson durations short and valuable, working with a frame of 15-45mins.

    Supported file types are mp4, m4v, webm, ogv, wmv and flv.

    The assessments are divided into quizzes and assignments.

    The quizzes are primarily structured as single or multiple choice questions, while the assignments are totally dependent on the instructor, and the students will submit the performed assignment tasks to the instructor’s mail.

    The fees are completely dependent on the instructor.

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