Basic and Advanced Airway Management and Emergency Oxygen Administration

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Basic & Advanced Airway Management and Emergency Oxygen Administration


Both basic and advanced airway management can save lives. Neither is more important than the other. Nor is one the “better” option. Indeed, when basic airway management is the safest and most effective option, immediately escalating to advanced airway management can be immensely harmful. 

The key distinction between these two approaches to airway management is that basic airway management requires little training, no medication, and no medical equipment. Advanced airway management is more invasive. It typically requires extensive medical training, as well as the use of medication and medical devices.

Oxygen is the most commonly used drug in emergency medicine and when used judiciously in the treatment of hypoxemia it undoubtedly saves life. However, oxygen is often used inappropriately and the dangers of over-oxygenation are unappreciated.

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