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      Welcome to today’s conversation.
      our topic today is abuse in training.
      i would love to have a feel of your experiences in training and i would share mine as well.
      abuse comes in different forms.
      and a host of others that we may have experienced at one point or the other.
      which do you think is the predominant form of abuse that health workers face?

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      I remember a very bitter experience.
      i was in 500L and in the neonatal intensive care unit.
      it was a posting week and a large number of students were in the NICU.
      ideally we should have been 5 students at the NICU but the department of paediatrics couldnt care less.
      they harrowed students back and forth and we ended up being more than 25 there at the time.
      there was a resident who had just finished a night call duty and instead of going to get some rest, he was ordered to remain for the rounds and he did.
      the consultants picked on him with very dehumanizing statements before more than 25 students, obviously his subordinates.
      one of them was cruel enough to say to him that he had oro-cephalic disproportion ie, his mouth couldnt relay properly what his head was thinking and it was honestly humiliating

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      Okafor ChikwadoOkafor Chikwado

      @DR AMALU, i heard about the incident back in school and could only imagine how the rest of the week played out for the victim.
      Personally i have had such an abuse during my courses of trainning and unfortunately it was in my paediatric long case exam, obivously it ended in a resit exam for me

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      Samuelson AttamahSamuelson Attamah

      There’s also abuse of power, in which those that have been in the profession for long think that they are gods and whatever they say stands whether right or wrong.
      I remember an ordeal of final year year MBBS student, the guy was known to be ‘doing well’ academically and therefore was expected to scale through. To everyone’s dismay, he resitted Medicine, why? He was unfortunate to meet an examiner that even past Best Graduating Students dread to meet because so long as your best answer doesn’t align with what he thinks, you are wrong. He asked the student to identify something peculiar about the abdomen (he had in mind para umbilical hernia) but the student couldn’t see it neither did 2 chaperoning Residents. He got angry and gave the student a veto fail in that short case.
      During the examiners meeting, he found out that the guy crossed the pass mark and not only that but has a good record with the department as he has never failed any CA. Yet, he muscled and bulldozed others to see to it the guy failed, which he did.
      The student couldn’t prepare for his resit though till 2weeks to the exam. Today, he is a Doctor.
      I wonder what goes on in his mind whenever he remembers his ordeal, I really wonder.

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