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Hi, every one. I am Mfon Edyang-Ekpa.
I have gone through the Lesson 1. I couldn’t do the assignment. The appointment with my Tutor Kubiat did not hold.
I hereby wish to highlight what I have gained from the lesson:
1. Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet used for keeping and analysing Medical Records, Budgets, and any other data. Certain formulae are applied in the analysis.
2. The Spreadsheet is launched by an Application which opens as a Window or Workbook.
3. The workbook consists of sheets, it pages. Each page is organized into a) Rows identified by numbers 1, 2, 3, to any numbers, and b) Columns identified by letters A to Z. which can continue as AA BB,CC etc
4. A Cell is an intersession of a row and a column.
5. Cells are named and they can be grouped into a Block if any size.
6. Ranges are a group cells in Rows and Columns. They are named or identified by the cell at the top left corner through to (:) the cell at the right bottom corner.
6. Data is entered into the cell eg Names, Age, Sex etc
7 Corrections can be made. Cells can be merged or Resized.
8. Both the Text of the Cells and Content of the cells can be Formatted.
9. My Challenges: i.) Difficulty in using the brand new computer I just bought. ii) Also the The issue of time zone difference in my location.


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